Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are applying to the website: http://www.amatradinggroup.com

1. General Conditions  

1. These general conditions apply to each offer on each of the entrepreneur and established arrived distance contracts between businessmen and consumers. 
2. On all the Webshop, pursuant to these Terms, to any agreement applies to the Luxembourg law. 
3. The contract for supply and procurement is achieved by placing an order through the order form on the website or by e-mail. Orders will be confirmed by e-mail. 
4. These terms apply to all transactions between the webshop and its customers.

2. Prices and offers:  

1. All prices listed on the site include VAT unless otherwise stated. VAT at the shop items offered is 15%. 
2. Any item listed on this website are subject to price, performance, availability and delivery. All data are based on the last known price and information. The Webshop is entitled retrospectively to adjust the prices. 
3. All offers of the Webshop are without any engagement, unless it is expressly provided in writing or as otherwise agreed with the buyer.